A Guest Picked Her Up By The Neck

Sometimes the biggest danger isn’t the rides, it’s the guests themselves. Sometimes they’ve had a bit too much to drink, they’re on drugs, or they’re just angry, violent people.

Such was the case when one Six Flags employee was picked up off the ground by her neck by a guy twice her size. Wow… I can’t believe that people like that even exist. I bet he felt really strong picking on a little girl… What an asshole… Anyway, here’s the account:

“The scariest thing I’ve heard is that a week after I had quit, a friend was working at Green Lantern. A guy was too tall to ride and she had to tell him so.

He then picked her up off the ground by her neck. When questioned by police, he said he was just joking around. It is unbelievably lucky that this happened at Green Lantern because it is the only ride in the park that has cameras. It caught him on tape.”

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