Suspected Suicide

The same employee gives a shocking account of the second death that occurred while she was working at the theme park. This one might be even more shocking:

“The second death was an international exchange employee at Scream. They were doing a morning gate/track walk (checking all gates and surrounding area before the park opens to make sure everything is secure). Part of opening procedure is to cycle the trains a couple times by themselves, and another couple with an employee riding.

Anyways so a train was sent and they were walking in an area they shouldn’t have and got hit. I can not imagine this to be anything but suicide. You would hear/see it coming.

It was said that the employee had headphones in, but I can’t imagine they didn’t feel the train coming either. If you look at a YouTube video of the ride, they got hit in the loop that circles a few feet above the ground, which is extremely suspicious.”

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