Questionable Safety Regulations

Probably the most important thing about any theme park is safety. That’s what’s going to stop people from dying or having serious accidents, and if people die, then your reputation is ruined and your park is probably going to have to close down.

So that’s what makes it all the more disturbing when you hear Six Flags employees complain about safety regulations. In this case, it seems like he or she is complaining more about the lack of safety for the employees rather than the actual guests, but it’s still unsettling and disturbing.

He talks about “broken equipment,” and “broken ladders.” That just makes me want to shudder. Read his disturbing confession for yourself, and see what you think:

“If you enjoy being put on unsafe, broken equipment 20ft in the air and working on broken ladders, this job is for you. The place is very segregated into cliques. I put a lot of work into the Entertainment department and not only never advanced, but was pushed out for illness.”

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