Disgusting And Annoying Obese Guests

One of the biggest things Six Flags employees complain about is fat and obese people trying to get on the rides, and ruining everyone’s experience at the park.

There are a lot of stories about obese people getting angry at the fact that they can’t ride the rides, even though it’s clearly because of safety hazards. But perhaps the most disgusting story came as a result of a woman who asked a worker to reach between her sweaty flabby thighs to grab the seat belt:

“I took my kids to Six Flags America recently and wound up next to an obese woman on the Apocalypse, a stand up roller coaster where the belt is pulled up between the legs and clips to a harness that lowers over the shoulders. She couldn’t reach the belt and asked one of the attendants for help, adding, ‘It’s down there somewhere.

I don’t care what you touch when you reach around.’ The guy looked absolutely terrified and stammered out some kind of excuse that was polite and disarming, even though I’ll bet he was thinking something like, ‘I would rather shoot myself in the head than reach between your sweaty thighs.’”

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