Although, everyone has heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” it’s very possible for all of us to look a certain individual and unanimously agree they’re beautiful.

However, we can also look at individuals and fail to come up with a unanimous decision, and each and everyone of us would have different reasons to support our conclusions.

Many of us desire to be like celebrities, simply because to a lot of people feel that they appear perfect in every way possible.

They’re always wearing the most expensive and trendiest clothes and shoes, their makeup and hair is always done professionally, and they have money to change whatever they feel may be preventing them from perfection.

Someone who doesn’t have the wealth or pressure to look as good as these idols do probably won’t desire to live up to such demands a lifestyle like that would attract. It might appear fun from the outside, but in reality, it’s almost a prison.

Female celebrities are more than likely the hardest hit when it comes to society’s expectations and demands that they should look nothing less than perfect, goals no women could achieve, regardless of her professionals and resources. However, this impossibility has attracted many female celebrities that are seemingly close to perfection but still fall short.

Here are 15 female celebrities that think they’re more attractive than they are.




Kourtney Kardashian

Since Kourtney’s a Kardashian, she’s automatically won a spot on this list, because all 5 girls, Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kylie and Kendall would do absolutely anything to feel beautiful and be famous. Kourtney is almost 40 years old and is the oldest, but fans or in this case, haters, of the Kardashians tend to claim she acts as if she’s only 19 years old.

Kourtney follows a strict diet, works out, and is very specific when it comes to what she will or will not drink. She does all of this just to achieve the perfect body. Although many men would love to date her and many women would kill to have her body, some people, like Scott Disick, her former partner of 9 years, claim she looks like a drag queen and is too masculine.

As much as we all agree her face isn’t bad and she has a great body, she more than likely thinks she’s 10 times more attractive than she really is. Having millions of adoring fans and all that attention is enough to make her think she’s much more than she really is because she’s not all that.


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