When you have a lot of money, it’s easy to take for granted, or so were told. The media is constantly throwing stories of celebrities and wealthy business men living life to excess and wasting more money in a day than some people spend in a year. However, just because someone has a lot of money, doesn’t mean they will spend it wastefully. In fact, frugal habits might’ve helped them reach their first million, and habits that were formed when you were young and poor aren’t always easy to shake. While we expect celebrities to spend their money on lavish lifestyles, it might actually be more sustainable for them to be more conscious of how they spend their massive amounts of money.

Living a life of typical excessive spending might also be viewed as environmentally unsound, or simply unethical when so many people are living in poverty, leading some to choose a different course. There are also some rich people who simply don’t even care about the money they do have. Once they reach a level of comfort, they see no need to continue spending their money extravagantly. How you spend or don’t spend your money can say a lot about you as a person. However, when does spending wisely start to look like living like a poor person, even when you’re incredibly rich? Here are 15 celebrities that all have their own reasons for living like they’re poor.

1. Lady Gaga

Infamous for her bizarre and lavish fashion sense, the flamboyant singer may give you the impression of someone who spends as extravagantly as she’s dresses. However, even with a net worth of around $275 million, Lady Gaga has admitted on Twitter that when she goes shopping she looks for sales racks, and prefers using coupons at the grocery store. For years she lived the same, tiny one-room apartment she owned before her rise to fame, although most recently has bought a mansion in Malibu. Gaga has said that when nothing has been spent on her credit card, her manager will call her up and asked what happened to it. “But I am so happy,” she said. “I am not bankrupt. Actually, I spend no money at all.”


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