There’s just a few celebrity couples you see and just think to yourself, “why?” There’s many reasons why some couples don’t necessarily seem to “go together.” For instance, maybe one person has a significant amount of money that attracted the other person to them for the wrong reasons. Or there could be significant physical differences between the two like weight, height, or attractiveness. Lots of celebrity couples are known to have wide age gaps, with the man usually being older than the woman, like with Crystal Hefner and Hugh Hefner. However, there have been a few rare cases where it is the opposite, like with Deborra Lee-Furness and Hugh Jackman. While some of these relationships have been a thing of the past, some of these relationships are still going strong! Here are 15 celebrity couples that make no sense.

1. Macaulay Culkin And Mila Kunis

Many people were surprised to find out that Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin had been dating for almost 10 years. They celebrity couple kept a very low profile and while it was known that they were dating, they were rarely photographed in public so nobody would be reminded of their relationship. Kunis is looked at as one of the most gorgeous actresses in the world. Granted, during the time they were dating, she still hadn’t found her big break but had already starred in That ‘70s Show and was making a name for herself.

Culkin was a washed-up child actor who looked like he had a big drug problem, appearing pale, frail, and tired. However, while they were dating, Culkin was still a much bigger star than Kunis. Mila has now far surpassed Macaulay’s fame and has starred in countless Hollywood hits. She’s currently happily married to co-star on That ‘70s Show, Ashton Kutcher.


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