These days finding someone whose attracted to both women and men is surprising entirely common. Although, it’s more common these days, it doesn’t mean that famous male celebrities are very open about it. There’s many straight celebrities as well as gay, then there are those who swing both ways. Men that swing both ways are more likely to be underrepresented in the entertainment industry as well as the public eye, generally.

Wondering why? This could simply be due to simple statistics. Only 1.8% of people in the United States identified themselves as bi in a recent survey. With those numbers, it’s no real surprise that there aren’t too many men in the entertainment business that swing both ways. But those are, are very proud of who they are and have no problem showing it. These people are considered icons and heroes throughout the LBGT community.

Here are 15 male celebrities that play for both “teams.”

1. Jared Leto

Jared Leto is one of those actors that needs no introduction. He’s been in all different sorts of projects throughout Hollywood and is now just beginning to take the entertainment industry by the horns. Leto has always been one of those characters that’s hard to figure out and categorize.

But what about his s*xuality? The rumors continue to stay afloat when it comes to what Jared Leto prefers. A transgender woman has claimed to have slept with Jared Leto before making the transition to a woman. Leto’s comments always confuse reporters whenever he is asked about his s*xuality. Some think this is just Leto “toying” with the media while other believe there’s more to it.


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