Being a parent isn’t easy and it can be hard to know what to do if your child isn’t recognizing your authority. There are a lot of parents who say that their kids didn’t come with an instruction manual, and while that’s true, you can go to any bookstore and find at least a dozen books on parenting that will tell you that it is more effective to reinforce good behavior than to punish bad behavior.

Of course, there comes a time (multiple times actually) in a parent’s life when they have to discipline their child and most parents choose to punish their kids by grounding them or giving them a timeout. However, there are some parents who take punishments to a whole new level and you should be glad that you don’t have these people as parents.

Many parents try to come up with the proper discipline for their child that will keep them from doing the same thing again while also making sure that it isn’t harsh enough to scar them for life. However, there are some parents who come up with punishments that are way over the top and end up scarring their children life. Though some of these kids did some pretty awful things, they didn’t deserve these punishments and a few of these parents actually faced criminal charges for their cruelty.

Disciplining a child is part of being a parent, but publicly humiliating children is never the right answer though many of these parents thought that it was the only course of action. You’ll be truly horrified and shocked by these punishments that parents took way too far.




Someone’s Been Watching Too Much Game Of Thrones

This guy might think he’s a badass for fighting a 16-year-old but, in reality, he’s just a really bad dad. Fremon Seay got annoyed with his daughter after she went to a party without his permission and he challenged her to a duel. Seay forced his daughter to put on Renaissance-style body armor, a shield and sword (which was really just a stick) and fight until she couldn’t stand anymore.

The fight lasted for two hours until she finally collapsed and head, arms, legs were covered in bruises and she then had to take off all of her clothes and watch a televised sermon. Fortunately, the girl’s friend called 911 and reported the abuse to the police. Seay was charged with second-degree assault and his wife was also arrested and charged with being an accessory to a crime. Sorry, but real life isn’t Game of Thrones.


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