If you had a death sentence, what would your last meal be? Most countries that sanction capital punishment for prisoners allow for said prisoners to request a final meal before their death, referred to by some prison officers as a “special meal.” It’s a tradition that has superstitious roots, dating back to the Medieval era.

In Medieval Europe, it was believed that if the prisoners were fed well, they wouldn’t return back as ghosts to haunt their killers. If the food and drink were of great quality, then it would be less likely for the prisoner to come back from beyond the grave. But if the food and drink were of poor quality, then it would be more likely that the prisoner would come back to torment his executioners.

Here in America, there are lists of approved foods that death row prisoners can choose from for their final meals, and the lists vary from state to state.

A prisoner’s last meal can be as indulgent as they want, or it can be as simple as they want.

Or, it can be as weird and bizarre as they want.

Some of the meals that death row prisoners request are just downright strange. But there are plenty of unhinged criminals that end up on death row so it probably makes sense.

Here are 15 of the weirdest last meal requests by death row criminals.




David Leon Woods – A Pizza And A Birthday Cake

In April of 1984, David Leon Woods, along with two other accomplices, went to the home of Woods’ neighbor, Juan Placencia, in Garrett, Indiana to steal a TV.

When Placencia answered the door, Woods barged into the house and stabbed his neighbor. He repeatedly stabbed Placencia, killing him. Woods and one of his accomplices stole Placencia’s TV, hid it, and later sold it.

The next morning, he called the police and pretended that he had gone over to Placencia’s apartment to use the telephone where he found the body.

But while under questioning at the police station, he broke down and confessed his crime. Woods was convicted of murder and sentenced to be executed. For his last meal, he requested a pizza and a birthday cake to eat with his family.


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