Fall has arrived, and we know what this means! Surely there will be much talk of pumpkin spice lattes and sexy costumes, but there is more to this ominous season than those #basic Instagram memes.

Tis the season of spooky stories and haunting tales, it’s time to scare ourselves silly in the spirit of Halloween. One of the most spooky places in the world is Hollywood, California; a place where both movies and urban legends are made.

From haunted hotels to famous suicides, the land of glitz and glamour is also a hotbed of murder and conspiracy.

Some of the tamer stories here are death cover-ups or weird happenings like a comic book drawn in blood, but mostly these tales delve into the other worlds where ghosts and curses live.

The hauntings of Los Angeles are not only eerie but are based on true crime and believable schemes. It is probably the intrigue of glamour that brings so many characters to this mystical place, a place that is home to countless urban legends that may actually be true.

We compiled a list of the most interesting, devastating and downright bone chilling urban legends that exist in Hollywood today. Some date back to the 1920s at the very start of the moving picture era and others date back only a couple of years. What rings true for all of these frightening tales is that they haven’t been solved and still live within a kernel of truth, keeping us all a little nervous that ghostly entities might be lurking in the shadows.

Here are 15 haunting Hollywood urban legends that could be true!




Paul McCartney Death Cover-Up

Paul McCartney has outlived 2 out of 4 original members of The Beatles but many claim that this imposter is not actually Paul McCartney. The legend has it that Paul McCartney died in a tragic car accident in November 1966. British MI5 worried about mass suicides of fans in the midst of “Beatlemania” and to avoid the danger altogether they replaced McCartney with a body double. The remaining Beatles weren’t thrilled with the ruse and left behind clues to the truth in their lyrics and album art.

The iconic imagery of Abbey Road is actually a veiled funeral procession for their fallen bandmate. McCartney is the only band member walking barefoot while Lennon wears all white depicting a clergyman, Ringo serves as the mourner and Harrison as the gravedigger. Could his need to reveal the secret be the reason Lennon was assassinated? Or is the man who was knighted by the Queen, has 4 children and has released plenty of new albums actually Paul McCartney? Some claim that they still aren’t sure which is the truth.


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