Everyone wants to be popular in high school, but that’s not the reality we live in. It’s an environment that allows certain personalities to shine while others remain in the background. For that very same reason, plenty of people hate the high school experience and wouldn’t want to go through it again. That is, unless you were one of the cool kids and everything went your way. While most people will fit in a group or at least find a friend, it’s not nearly enough to be popular among your peers. Celebrities are people and they experienced the same joys and struggles as we all did.

Some will be the first admit they were unpopular, while others try to hide it. Your status during high school is irrelevant in regards to your future life, as many people who were once considered to be losers end up thriving. On the other hand, transitioning from high school popularity to real life can be a daunting experience for some of the cool kids.

This list will prove that high school popularity doesn’t mean a thing in the grand scheme of things; many people are late bloomers and end up doing great things as they get older. You also have those who simply don’t fit in the environment, sometimes due to their interests or their personalities. So keep this in mind if you don’t feel like you’re most popular person in high school, it doesn’t matter in the long run!

Today, we look at 15 celebrities who had the reputation of being losers during their time in high school, but ended up thriving in life. Let us know what you think of your favorite celebrity in high school!




Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron turns heads everywhere she goes these days, and there are plenty of men of all ages who have a crush on her. But that wasn’t the case during her high school days when she was unpopular among the opposite sex. Theron had several crushes that never materialized into anything, and she went through high school without having a boyfriend. She has also admitted to being unpopular at the time, as she tried her best to fit into a unwelcoming crowd.

Theron’s nerdy glasses and fashion choices turned off the boys, while the girls avoided befriending her. In such a shallow environment, it’s expected that kids are very judgmental and insecure during one of the most challenging periods of their lives.

Looking back, Charlize Theron would’ve probably liked to have enjoyed popularity from a young age, but as things turned out, it’s probably for the best that things took their course to make her a top star.


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