The world is reeling after the loss of Hugh Hefner, who was best known for founding Playboy Magazine. He was 91 years of age when he passed away, and he died of natural causes. Not only did he live a long life, but he lived 91 years of a lifestyle most of us can only dream of. He had the money, he had the mansion, and he definitely had the girls.

But Hugh Hefner also had secrets, and a lot of them. There was always something a little shady about the Playboy Mansion, and I guess that was part of the appeal for most people.

Hefner was always seen as someone who challenged the status quo, and was one of the most important people to change the way we view human desire. Before Hefner, a magazine like Playboy would’ve been seen as completely scandalous. Today, the age-old publication seems almost mainstream.

There are many things we still don’t know about this mega-rich player, and I guess we’ll never know some of the secrets this man carried with him. Because like many old men who have lived a life full of wild parties and controversy, he took a lot of his biggest secrets with him to the grave.

We have only tidbits of information to feed on, but out of these pieces, we can form a picture of what Hefner was really like, behind the closed doors of the famous Playboy Mansion.

Here are 15 secrets that Hugh Hefner took to the grave.




The Mansion Was “Like Prison”

Many think the Playboy Mansion was a luxurious and happy place where girls got to live a carefree lifestyle. But that just wasn’t the case. Although Hefner made sure that the public image of both himself and the girls around him looked fun and wild, he was actually extremely strict with his girlfriends. This is a secret not many people know about the Playboy mansion, and it sheds a dark light on this famous playboy’s legacy. When you hear what some of the girls had to say about their time at the Mansion, it sounds more like slavery than a consensual relationship.

Carla Howe revealed that living at the mansion as one of Hefner’s girlfriends was “like being in prison.” She confessed that “when you’re here you have to be in by the 9pm curfew. You’re not allowed to invite any friends up to see you. You’re definitely not allowed male visitors. If you break the rules you get banned. Once you’re out, you’re out, and you can’t come back.”


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