Google Maps is a more recent technology that helps millions of people every day. It combines the technology of GPS and solar photography in order to give us a detailed view of the world from the comfort of our own homes. The main purpose it serves is for us to be able to look up where we need to go whenever we need to. Physical maps are hardly ever needed and have become mostly obsolete as we now have the ability to have a map of whatever we want whenever we want at the touch of our fingers.

You can look up your favorite restaurants, stores, and other destinations whenever you want. You can look up everything you need to know about the place before you even get there. Aside from just using Google maps to navigate your way through your day, it’s also a way to get a different perspective of the world.

You can look up pretty much any big monument or destination all around the world and get a cool view of the place using Google street view.

There are, however, some places that are blocked off to the world. Whether it’s privacy issues or for the protection of people everywhere, Google has blurred and blacked out several locations around the world. What goes on underneath these blacked out places is left for us to figure out. There are some obvious reasons why some places would be hidden, but others remain a mystery as to why we can’t see them.

Here are 15 Creepy Things Even Google Maps Won’t Show You:




Is The Virgin Mary Buried Somewhere In This Blurred Out Garden Of Gethsemane?

The image above was taken of another religious place. It’s allegedly where Jesus spent his last night before being crucified. Some also believe it’s where the Virgin Mary was buried. If this is the case, why did they feel the need to blur it? What could they be hiding? Some would say it’s out of fear of attack from others; however, you can still get an idea of where roads and buildings are, so it doesn’t seem to be protecting much.

This makes people wonder if Google street view captured something they shouldn’t have and worked with the area to blur the images to make sure no secrets got out that shouldn’t. It’s creepy enough to think of what might’ve happened here all those years ago (if you believe in stuff like that). It’s even creepier, however, that they blurred it out.


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