It is terrifying to think that we will eventually grow so old that we will have wrinkles, grey hair and pain in our backs. Most of us try not to think about aging as the thought of it happening is too depressing. Alas, we will all age and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Of course, some people age better than others. Some people are lucky – they grow old but remain attractive. However, most people lose their good looks as they grow older.

No one wants to grow old and celebrities are no exception. In fact, most celebrities are probably more scared of growing old than an average person.That’s because they are constantly in the limelight and any changes they undergo are bound to be noticed.

As a result, many celebrities try to stop the aging process by unnatural means, such as by going under the knife. Sometimes going under the knife does in fact help celebrities age more gracefully.

Other times, however, it has the opposite effect and makes them look worse than they would have looked had they opted for aging naturally.

Of course, not all celebrities go under the knife. Some do decide to age gracefully. Unfortunately, they are not guaranteed of keeping their good looks either.

In fact, some of them end up looking terrible. But that’s not surprising – it is only natural that their hectic, wild and stressful lives would catch up with them eventually.

Here are 15 once attractive celebrities who aged horribly.




Brigitte Bardot

Who doesn’t know the French actress, singer, dancer and fashion model Brigitte Bardot? We have all seen her in old movies and admired the photographs of her from her youth. There is no denying that she was a stunning young woman. In fact, she was a sex symbol.

Google her name today and you will be bombarded with articles titled ‘Brigitte Bardot: The Sexiest of All Sex Symbols’, ‘Brigitte Bardot: One of the Best-Known Sex Symbols of the 1960s’ and ‘Brigitte Bardot: The woman who invented sex.’

However, while she was an incredibly beautiful woman when she was young, she has not aged well. Bardot has refused to follow the illusion that she can maintain her youth by going under the knife which is very rare in the acting industry.


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