“They’re Coming For You, Dear”

Someone working an overnight shift on the Alzheimer’s ward of a nursing home facility confessed that he nearly peed his pants when he was working there one night. He was making his routine rounds and checking in on patients when he poked his head into one room that he wished he hadn’t.

This 83-year-old woman sat straight up in her hospital bed staring at a blank wall. The nursing home aid walked slowly into the patient’s room and asked if the woman wanted to lie back down.

He said the elderly woman twisted her head slowly and looked him straight in the eye and said, “They’re coming for you, dear.” Then, she let out a “full-on hysterical, insane, cackling” laugh.

Once this old lady finally settled down a bit and he got her to lie down, she looked him in the eye again and said, “I’m going to miss you when they take you” and passed out asleep seconds later. The nursing aid was understandably “terrified” for the remainder of his evening shift.


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