An Unexpected Visit From A Patient

A student confessed a story that their professor had once told them. They had once had a psychiatric patient with borderline personality disorder. The patient apparently believed that the doctor had “too much control” over them.

To regain their sense of “control,” the mental patient drove several states away to the professor’s mother’s house and invited herself in to have a cup of tea, saying they had been a “colleague” of her daughter’s.

The professor’s mother had called them and told them that she had met this person over the weekend, giving the patient’s name. So when the patient came strolling into the doctor’s office after her weekend away, they already knew what she was up to.

Regardless, the patient creepily asked if she wanted to guess what she had done over the past few days. Shockingly enough, the doctor didn’t really do much but tell her that if she “pulled” something like that, she would have to find another psychologist.


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