The Polite Little Boy With The Sick Past

A female pharmacy technician who worked at a hospital recalled a pretty traumatizing incident that occurred while she was delivering medications to the patients in the psych ward. A nine-year-old boy with pale skin and dark hair greeted her kindly every day, was well-spoken, and could hold a casual conversation.

After a few nurses saw her talking to the young boy in the hallway, they called her over and told her that when he was in kindergarten, he formed this unhealthy obsession with his female teacher. It got to the point where the kid was calling her “Mom” and leaving notes telling her how he wished he was her child.

The strange thing was the boy had a seemingly normal home life with his parents, and the teacher tried to explain to her student that he already had wonderful parents and that it would hurt his mom’s feelings to know he was saying these things.

The boy went home and cut his mother’s throat while she slept, killing her, thinking the teacher would be his new mom. The nurses informed the pharmacy tech that the female staff wasn’t supposed to form any kind of special relationship with the kid.


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