There’s Something Wrong With Jane

A young woman was brought into custody and placed in a psych ward with various mental issues. Let’s call her Jane. The first night that Jane arrived, the staff found Jane sitting in a puddle of her own blood while they were doing their nightly rounds.

Jane had sliced the skin around her shin with her nails and was “pulling the skin up her leg, essentially de-gloving her calf.”

The young girl also had a “ritu al” before bed that consisted of her walking to every wall of the room and touching them in the pattern of a crucifix. She would do this for hours, sit on her bed for a while, and then go to sleep.

One night, the staff saw that Jane was frantically pacing and was heard screaming, when someone rushed in to see if she was okay she replied, “What makes you think you are speaking to Jane?” The staff was convinced she was possessed.


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