The Not-So-Sweet Little Old Woman

When a woman first started working as a nurse at a hospital, she sat with this “sweet little old woman” and talked with her for hours. That same night, it was determined that the woman no longer needed the heart monitor she was wearing and she was transferred to another unit.

The nurse went with the patient to her new room, but said she started acting extremely strange and “just generally angry.” The old woman tried to jump out of bed and the nurse tried to stop her. She started yelling that her house was on fire and her family was inside and she needed to go get them out. The patient was inconsolable and told the nurse she would “rot in hell” and that she was “responsible for her family’s death.”

The old woman looked right into her eyes and said that she would “burn in eternal flames” and was “filled with evil.” When the nurse tried to get the patient to get back into bed, she screamed in what was either Latin or pure gibberish, ripped her dentures out and threw them at her, and then pulled the skin back, stretching her face into a creepy smile.

She then let out a “blood-curdling scream while her eyes rolled back into her head like some sort of possession in a movie.” The nurse confessed that she still gets chills thinking about the woman’s toothless, stretched out smile.


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