Tupac Shakur

One of the most outspoken musicians, beloved by critics and the public alike, is shot down on one of the busiest and well-lit streets on the entire planet immediately after a highly-publicized sporting event, and nobody saw who pulled the trigger. The story starts when Orlando Anderson, a known member of the Crips, robbed a member of Death Row Records (Shakur‘s label) at a Footlocker. Fast-forward a few months to the night of the Seldon v. Tyson fight in Las Vegas, and who does Shakur and company see in the lobby of the MGM Grand? Anderson, that’s who.

The group beat Anderson and his crew down on camera until it was broken up by hotel security and Shakur and Death Row founder, Suge Knight, left to go to a club. On their way there, the duo stopped at a red light. Shakur stood out of the sun roof to invite women in the car beside them to come to the afterparty when a car pulled up on the opposite side and shot him and Knight.

The assailants sped off and Shakur and Knight were rushed to the hospital where Shakur died. Shakur’s crew, who were in the car behind him, refused to help the police in identifying the shooters and Knight claimed he didn’t see a thing. This all happened amidst Shakur’s famous feud with East Coast hip-hop heavyweight (yeah, I do think I’m clever) Notorious B.I.G. which lead to many people pointing fingers at the rapper.

Other theories include speculation around Suge Knight who supposedly employed Blood gang members as well as crooked LAPD officers to make the hit. At the end of the day, many people believe it was the obvious answer of who shot Tupac—Orlando Anderson. In fact, Anderson’s uncle told reporters in 2014 that he’s positive his nephew killed the hip-hop icon. Nevertheless, the case remains open.


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