One in three murders in America goes unsolved. That’s a worrisome statistic, and if you think those types of numbers are exclusive to homicide, then you’d be wrong. Almost 7,000 people die every single day in this country. Making it very hard for anyone in the investigation to really draw a conclusion to every single murder committed.

How could investigators possibly close the book on every last one? Do you think there’s a special division at the precinct for spontaneous human combustion cases? Neither do I, because more than likely there is not a special division like this.

At some point, you have to count it as “unsolved” and move on to the next solvable case. However, you’d think that for the more notable names on the morgue’s guest list, investigators would do whatever they could to feed some kind of answers to the mourning public.

But an unsolvable case is an unsolvable case regardless of the notoriety of the recently deceased, and the history of pop culture is littered with celebrity deaths that police have responded to with nothing but a shoulder shrug. It’s sad, but this seems to be the world we live in today.

Where no matter who you are, murders can and will go unsolved, leaving tons of room for conspiracy and mystery to arise after these eery deaths.

Here’s a list of 15 examples of celebrity deaths that are still unsolved to this day. Let us know your honest opinion and which death you think has the most mystery behind it.




Jack Nance

Jack Nance was David Lynch‘s go-to man. The actor appeared in several Lynch projects, beginning in 1977 with his most famous role as Henry Spencer in the number one movie to not watch on a first date, Eraserhead, and ending twenty years later, with the number one movie to pretend like you’ve seen for the sake of a Richest article, Lost Highway. He was in Twin Peaks, Dune, and Blue Velvet, which is to say that this guy wasn’t exactly small time. But it all stopped in 1996 when Nance suddenly died. The actor met with friends for lunch on December 29, 1996, where they noticed a strange crescent-shaped bruise underneath his eye.

Nance explained that he had gotten into a fight with some punk kids outside of a doughnut shop, and they left him a little bruised up. No big deal, right? Well, tell that to Jack Nance. Oh, wait, you can’t because his corpse was found on his bathroom floor the following morning. Doctors THINK the injuries from the fight caused a subdural hematoma which took two days to slowly kill him, but they’re not positive. Nance had a BAC of .24 at the time of his death. He was a career alcoholic and some even think it was Lynch who had him killed, but there’s no real evidence of that.


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