From sick in the head mothers to people who killed their poor elderly neighbor, the killers in this article made it onto death row for a reason.

Even though people may not believe that these folks got the justice they deserved, especially the families involved, others would believe that lady justice has, once again, fulfilled her destiny in keeping our nation lawful and safe.

Regardless of what fate you think these criminals deserved, they aren’t here anymore to take the punishments you want to dish out.

Even if you are a cold blooded killer, you would think that everyone would have some last words to say. We do. Heck, we already know what we’d have for our last meal; we wouldn’t be passing that up.

Although we probably wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we were on death row but we would still like to believe that our last words would be something epic. What would you choose to say, if given the chance right before you died?

Not all of the following are necessarily confessions of murder, although some of them are. Those that are not are confessions of disgust, of pleading, or of an interesting nature. One thing that is common among every entry below is that they are all confessions from death row inmates.

Here are creepy confessions from death row inmates. Let us know which one gives you the chills!

1. A Clever Confession

It seemed as though James French led his life sort of like a joke. He was behind bars because he killed a motorist that had picked him up when he was hitchhiking back in 1958. Although there is nothing funny about death or murder, French made an interesting move when, after contemplating suicide, he instead opted to kill his cellmate in an effort to get executed. Always the jokester, James French’s last words were, “How’s this for a headline? French Fries!” If only he had put that humor into something more constructive than killing. But, if you’re going to go out saying anything, at least it was something both memorable and hilarious.


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