Much has been said about celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and others getting away with crimes through incredibly lenient sentences such as driving under the influence, shoplifting, vandalism and even assault. It’s very obvious that average everyday people wouldn’t have so many chances to escape lengthy jail terms when committing the same crimes as these celebs.

In that respect, the life of a celebrity is completely different than that of an average Joe walking down the street, but their celebrity status can lead towards many vices and sometimes the need for the fast and wild lifestyle their position can afford for them, and it’s clear that some feel that the law doesn’t apply to them.

Yet, for people who are often idolized by their fans as heroes and icons, it can be hard to imagine that they would do anything so blatantly horrific or evil that their crimes more often than not land them in jail for the majority of their lives. They get no second chances and absolutely no leniency, just the same as everyone else.

Here are 15 actors, athletes, reality stars, and others that have at some point gained celebrity status but have thrown it all away by committing some absolutely despicable crimes.




Skylar Deleon – Murdering An Innocent Couple

Skylar Deleon was a former child actor that appeared in several commercials and was featured on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series as the character Roger. However, as an adult, his career faded mostly due to his inability to remember his lines.

In 2004, married couple Thomas and Jackie Hawks advertised their yacht for sale, and Deleon, his then-pregnant wife Jennifer Henderson, and their friend and former corrections officer Alonso Machain answered. The Hawkes were last seen alive on the morning of November 15, 2004, and although the yacht returned, their bodies have never been found.

Although Deleon tried to claim that Machain was a witness to the purchase of the yacht, Machain returned the US after fleeing to Mexico, confessing to his involvement in the murder of the Hawkes and testifying against both Deleon and his wife for their crimes. Deleon received the death penalty, and Henderson received a life sentence for first-degree murder.


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