Washed up ’90s stars who are total DBags is one of those “chicken or the egg” types of things. Are they totally washed up because their time has come and gone, or are they washed up because they’re complete DBags? This might seem like kind of an easy question, but the reality is much different. It happens in life, too. Some guy is acting like a total DBag for a long period of time, and he has a good job and a really nice girlfriend, and then sooner or later, you run into him down the road, and he got dumped by his girlfriend, fired from his job, and is living out of his car.

These DBag stars of the ’90s are no different. At one point, all of them were super famous and on top of the world. Now, any of them would be lucky to get any sort of decent acting job at all. Some of them did awful things to make this list, others just thought they were above anyone else and didn’t need to be humble or follow laws like the rest of us do, and some of them have always been DBags, and it just took the world a little bit of time to catch up to that. But once the world decides you’re a DBag, you’re branded for life.

Here are 15 Washed up ’90s Stars Who Are Total DBags. All of these people, we would feel kind of bad for, except for the whole DBag thing.

1. David Hasselhoff

Why he was famous in the ’90s: While The Hoff was already a big deal because of his starring role in Knight Rider, he is now and always will be best known for being the star and producer of Baywatch. He also had a huge musical career in the ’90s in Germany. How lame is that?

Why he’s a DBag: Oh come on, this is an easy one — just look at him. While he cemented his DBag status by drunkenly eating a cheeseburger without a shirt on as he talked to his daughter, it’s pretty obvious that he is and always will be a DBag. Sometimes, being one is not really what one does; it’s more what one actually is. If you looked up the word “DBag” in the dictionary, you would see David Hasselhoff’s face next to it.


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