Playgrounds are places for kids to go to get some energy out while their parents relax and watch it all happen. Sometimes, people have playgrounds in their own backyards, and other times, the playground is the hottest spot to hang out for the kids in the neighborhood.

Some playgrounds are amazing, while others barely stay put together. Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy going on playgrounds either. Sometimes, everyone occasionally enjoys going on a swing or down a slide.

Unfortunately, though, in some horrifying cases, kids and adults aren’t the only ones to enjoy being in a park. Playgrounds can be homes to things much more sinister than we’d ever imagined.

Think of your top five favorite horror movies. There’s a good chance that there’s a scene that takes place at the local playground or park at some point in the movie.

It’s a common community staple, so of course, there are going to be some freaky happenings at these well-known hot spots. Playgrounds are supposed to be childhood sanctuaries, but there are certainly some playgrounds around the world that don’t meet any of the qualifications that a local playground for kids should. If a tragedy occurred in a neighborhood, there’s always a chance that the local playground is linked somehow.

What do you think of when people start talking about playgrounds? If you have children or other little kids that you take to the playground often, you might get a little freaked out next time you go after seeing this list. Here are 15 Disturbing Images Taken In Playgrounds Around The World:




A Syrian Playground

One of the most devastating thing happening in our world today is the horrifying attacks occurring in Syria. It can be easy to close our walls to those looking for help out of fear of what might happen to the people in our own communities. What we have to remember when we close those walls, however, is that we’re also shutting the door in the faces of the children who once called this playground their own sanctuary.

At one point in time, children were able to run up on this park, climb on the monkey bars, swing on the swings, and slide down the slides. They can’t do that anymore. If they went back here, who knows what kind of horror they would face? All of the memories made, friendships that started, and laughter that happened here is now gone, just like the places many of the children used to call home.


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