Hollywood is strange in that it falls somewhere between a place of business and high school. Those who flock there do so with the intention of getting their name on a marquee, making it big, and earning hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. But if they’re to do so, it’s crucial that they’re seen with the right people, act the right way, and wear the right clothes.

Just like high school, Hollywood is notoriously fickle and those within it will happily turn their back on their closest of friends in order to save their career. This actually happens quite a bit, especially in the age of the internet when something as simple as an ill-timed tweet or unique belief can turn you and those who associate themselves with you into figures of hate. Every day it seems another celebrity is added to Hollywood’s blacklist, with entertainers being cast out almost as quickly as they were back in the 1950s during the infamous McCarthy communist witch hunts.

When Hollywood decides it doesn’t want anything to do with a certain entertainer, that person finds it almost impossible to get work. Nobody’s willing to risk their reputation or career by giving the exiled former star a job. It’s undoubtedly an unpleasant situation, one which we’ve seen play out time and time again and are most certainly going to continue to see in the future.

Here are 15 celebrities Hollywood won’t hire anymore (and the reasons why).

1. Kirstie Alley – Weight Issues And Link To Scientology

Towards the end of the 1980s, there were few bigger stars in Hollywood than Kirstie Alley. She achieved widespread critical acclaim for her role as Rebecca Howe in Cheers, even winning a Primetime Emmy for her performance, and captured the hearts of millions of American males with her stunning good looks. However, Kirstie Alley struggled to remain relevant after Cheers came to an end and a series of personal troubles led to her gaining a significant amount of weight, leaving her unrecognizable.

Kirstie Alley has also fallen victim to the old curse of Scientology, willingly sacrificing her personal relationships for her religion. As a result of this, several of the Hollywood elite have avoided doing business with Kirstie Alley for fear she’ll label them a “suppressive person” and have them subjected to the infamous slander machine of the Church of Scientology.


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