Dana Plato

Dana Plato was one child star who got totally messed up by Hollywood. She began her career in commercials at the age of seven and when she was 13 she got her big break on the TV show Diff’rent Strokes.

The pressures of fame began taking a toll on her, and she began using cocaine with costars Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, and Charlotte Ray. To the shock of producers, Dana Plato ended up pregnant and was kicked off the show.

She married the father of her child, but that union didn’t last very long due to her drug use, and she also lost custody of her son. She went from being on a hit TV show to working in B-rated movies and eventually starring in adult films. Her life continued to spiral out of control as she found out that her accountant had embezzled her savings.

She no longer had a career in Hollywood and was broke. Dana Plato died at the age of 34 because of a drug overdose, and it was later ruled a suicide. Her son also killed himself at the age of 25 by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun.


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