Amanda Bynes

Matthew Underwood literally spent his whole life in the industry as he began modeling when he was only six months. He spent his childhood in roles such as a tough kid in Just Us Kids and a bully in Method & Red.

He grew up playing plenty of extreme sports such as surfing, parasailing, and skydiving. He landed a role as a teenager in Zoey 101 for four years.

After the TV show was over, he returned to Florida, where his family lived, and that’s where his life began taking a turn for the worse. in 2012 he was arrested for possession of drugs, and there was a search warrant applied to see if there were narcotics in his home.

Not sure how that’ll bode for his career as Nickelodeon will not approve of such things. He hasn’t been seen back in Hollywood since, and these days, he works as an acting teacher.


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