Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes seemed to have the Hollywood industry in the palm of her hands. She was a child actor that went on to star in several films such as Hairspray and Easy A. She was also a hit on TV with shows like What I Like About You and All That, and she even had her own TV show, The Amanda Show, named after her.

These threw her right into the spotlight. She became one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood at that time. However, things started turning for the actress in 2012, when she announced that she’d be retiring from acting.

People were shocked because she seemed to be doing so well. She quickly went downhill as she was charged with a DUI when she crashed into a police car. She was charged with not one but two hit-and-run accidents five months later, and then later in the year, her driver’s license was suspended.

She spent a lot of time in court, just like Lindsay Lohan, and she’d show up for appearances looking bizarre. The last straw came when she started a fire in front of a friend’s house and was put in a mental health treatment center. In the past seven years she’s literally done nothing with her life in the past seven years.


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