Tatum O’Neal

Tatum O’Neal is the daughter of the legendary actor Ryan O’Neal, so she grew up already in the limelight before her own career began. She was one of the youngest actors to receive an Oscar for Best Actress in Paper Moon when she was only ten years old.

She went on to make a few more films, which only added to her fame. She had a hard time dealing with all the fame even though she’d been around it since she was born.

She began using alcohol and drugs at the shockingly young age of 9, and it wasn’t long before she was addicted to heroin. That was pretty much the end of her career and a complete waste of all of her gifts and talent.

In 2008 she was arrested when she was caught buying crack. Thankfully, she eventually went to rehab in 2012 and wrote a memoir. These days, she’s slowly returned to acting and made a few films such as Squirrels to Nuts.


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