Hollywood is a place where dreams can come true. Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of could be right in your hands. Plenty of children dream of becoming a famous celebrity and head to Hollywood thinking that they’ll be the next big thing.

For a lot of them, they get exactly what they’re looking for, recognition and big bucks.

But some child actors have a hard time dealing with all the fame, and that dream starts to crumble. When that happens, oftentimes, the celebrity gets involved in alcohol and drugs and is seen partying in clubs. It’s the kind of situation that can destroy not only a young actor’s life but his or her career as well.

When child stars become famous, the pressure placed on them can be insane, and not everyone can handle it the same way. It can be even worse if they don’t have a proper support system and have to deal with a dysfunctional family. There can be a high price to pay for young stars when the cameras are flashing. If they can’t deal with it, trouble will ensue.

There are several young stars who’ve lost their way in Hollywood. There are so many tragic souls out there that lost their way and never really recovered from it. Here are 15 cases of the ones that went down the wrong path and lost the fame that they worked so hard to get.




Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was the youngest brother of Nick Carter, one of the members of the Backstreet Boys. He seemed to have the world at his feet when he received his own record deal when he was only ten years old. That amount of fame at such a young age wasn’t good for the singer.

At one point, he was living the high life and dating several famous actresses such as Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, and even Brooke Hogan. The young man became addicted to pills, however, and that was the beginning of the end. His career took a nosedive, and his family eventually forced him into rehab. Although he came out clean and sober, he also had to file for bankruptcy because he had over $2 million dollars in debt. His career never recovered, and these days, he’s completely out of the limelight.


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