The world of medicine can be a pretty scary one. Even when it seems like we have everything figured out, someone surfaces with a new disease or terrifying condition that baffles the greatest of doctors. There are still so many illnesses and diseases that can only be treated and managed to a safe level but never completely cured. We’re constantly learning things about our body, and even after a study is completed, we sometimes discover that the answers we got were totally wrong. It seems like in a time when we can instantly find out anything we want using the little thing in our pocket, we’d be walking around with bionic parts. However, even in 2017, we’re still searching for so many medical answers.

There’s no denying that we’ve come pretty far, however. Unfortunately, patients over 100 years ago weren’t nearly as lucky as we are when it comes to getting the medical care and answers we need. We literally put our lives in the hands of doctors, trusting they know what they’re doing to keep us safe. As much money and time as they put into their education however, they’re still often wrong about several things. The only way to figure out if something works is to test it, and unfortunately, in the past, humans were often used as guinea pigs.

Perhaps in 100 years, someone will create a list of crazy medical practices, and it’ll include things we do now that’ll help improve our health. In the meantime though, here are 15 rare vintage medical photos that are super scary.

1. The Old Way To Get A Nose Job

For several celebrities, getting a nose job is like getting a haircut. It’s a quick procedure that they’re often expected to undergo in order to conform to society’s unrealistic body expectations. It definitely wasn’t always so easy to get a fix, however. The picture above shows a woman who was using the skin on her arm to grow as the skin on her face. This procedure wasn’t that uncommon in the past as syphilis used to be so difficult to treat, it often progressed to the point that it ate away at the flesh on the victim’s face. This was embarrassing as it often gave a clue that its sufferers had an STD. In order to hide the condition and manage its effects, several people had to undergo the uncomfortable and painful process of growing skin on their face, just like the woman above did. Thankfully, syphilis is now much easier to treat, and we don’t have to suffer its devastating effects like people from earlier times used to.


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