9. During His Second Escape, Ted Bundy Almost Got Away For Good!

While on the loose between, Chicago, Colorado, and Florida, Ted Bundy resolved to give up the life of a thief and serial killer and keep a low profile. Unfortunately for Ted Bundy, it’s a little difficult to begin a new life after escaping from prison. Without money, proper identification or a job, he quickly went back to his old habits of swiping cash and credit cards from unassuming victims in grocery stores and stealing cars to move between state lines.

Once he arrived in Florida, Ted Bundy did his best to keep a low profile and even got a humble apartment and applied for a job at a construction site. He realized he could live the rest of his life out of the public eye if he could just land a job and keep to himself. But the job required ID, which he couldn’t gain without revealing his true identity. It also didn’t help that he eventually broke into a local sorority house and assaulted and raped four sorority sisters, killing two of them. A short time later he was linked to the murders and assaults as a result of being picked up during his traffic stop and arrest.


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