7. Ted Bundy Was Caught During A Routine Traffic Stop

Most of us have been there, maybe your registration isn’t visible or your license plate has an issue. Maybe you weren’t even aware there was an issue at all! Then, suddenly, you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. The very same thing happened to Ted Bundy at the end of his longest escape in February of 1978. At around 1:00 AM, officer David Lee was performing a routine traffic stop on Ted Bundy when it became apparent that the vehicle Ted Bundy was driving was stolen.

Officer David Lee informed Ted Bundy that he was under arrest and Ted Bundy kicked David Lee’s feet out from under him and fled into the nearby woods. As a dedicated member of the Florida police department, David Lee regained his footing and fired a warning shot and then went on pursuit. tackling Ted Bundy. The two men wrestled over the officer’s gun but David Lee eventually overpowered Ted Bundy just a short distance away.


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