6. He Helped The FBI Eventually Capture The Green River Killer

After escaping twice, representing himself in court, getting married, being sentenced to death and fathering a child from the confines of prison, Ted Bundy wasn’t finished yet. By the 1980s there was a new serial killer in town known as the “Green River Killer.” After learning of the case, Ted Bundy offered his help to track down the repeat murderer wreaking havoc on Washington State in 1984.

Ted Bundy sought out task-force detective Dave Reichert, who was in charge of the case. Seeing a similarity in behavior patterns between the Green River Killer and Ted Bundy, Dave Reichert sat down with Ted Bundy and interviewed on numerous occasions. Unfortunately for Ted Bundy and Dave Reichert, the Green River Killer went on with his rampage for 17 more years, well after Ted Bundy’s execution. Although, information gathered from Ted Bundy’s interviews was used by investigators repeatedly until the Green River Killer was eventually caught in 2001.


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