5. He Was Able To Escape From Prison… Twice

Escaping from prison is hard. So hard in fact that out of 2,000 attempts by inmates each year, almost nobody actually makes it past the razor wire and armed guards. This wasn’t the case for Ted Bundy, though. We can already gather that Ted Bundy was kind of a smart guy. He was so smart that he actually managed to slip out of custody and elude law enforcement twice!

Ted Bundy’s first attempt at freedom happened during his trial in Aspen, Colorado in 1977. While representing himself in court, Ted Bundy requested access to the courthouse library for “research.” Then, Ted Bundy managed to leap from a second-story window and escape on foot. In the process, he sprained his ankle, but this didn’t stop him. Ted Bundy was on the lamb for close to three days before two police officers pulled him over in a stolen car for weaving thanks to his injured leg.

Ted Bundy was on the loose again by the end of 1977. Ever the meticulous planner, Ted Bundy spent almost six months plotting his next escape. By losing 35 pounds, executing several practice runs, and using a hacksaw he acquired from another inmate, Ted Bundy was able to slip through bars used to reinforce the ceiling of his prison cell on December 30, a night where he knew this prison would be understaffed. He then made his way though crawl spaces and access tunnels to the warden’s apartment, who was out of town for the holidays, and stole some clothes and supplies and walked out the front door in his disguise. Ted Bundy made it almost two whole moths and all the way from Colorado this time before being apprehended.


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