3. He Bribed His Death Row Prison Guard To Allow Him A “Private” Visit With His Wife

As stated above, Ted Bundy was a literal master of manipulation. Throughout his career as a serial killer, he convinced hundreds of people to believe countless lies. He understood enough about human nature to do and say the right things in order to get what he wanted. This didn’t end once he was captured. We already know Ted Bundy convinced judges to let him represent himself. In addition, shortly after marrying Carole Ann Boone in court, he was able to convince a guard to allow him and his new wife some private time while he was on death row.

At the time, Florida state laws strictly prohibited these sorts of “visits” when an inmate was on death row. Typical death row visits involved a restrained and shackled prisoner sitting down across a table from their family, all under the watchful eye of an armed guard. Armed with his wit and a bit of cash collected from his fellow inmates, Ted Bundy convinced the on-duty guard to turn a blind eye when Carole Ann Boone arrived. According to legend, Ted Bundy and Carole Ann Boone consummated their marriage on the floor behind a water cooler.


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