15. Ted Bundy’s Total Number Of Homicides Still Remains Unknown

Even though Ted Bundy was only ever linked to a handful of murders in Aspen, Utah, and Florida during his three most notable trials, it’s unclear how many murders he’s actually responsible for! A lot of serial killers enjoy the attention and embellish their true numbers. It should also be noted that Ted Bundy was extremely meticulous and went to great efforts so that he couldn’t be linked to his horrible actions by spreading out his slaughter across the United States and taking his victims to place where he couldn’t be seen and their remains couldn’t be found. So it’s been difficult for prosecutors and investigators to properly link Ted Bundy to every case.

After he was found guilty and awaited the electric chair on death row, he admitted to having committed about 30 more murders. His lawyer stated after Ted Bundy’s execution that he personally knew of over 70 murders that Ted Bundy had confessed to committing. During his time in prison and all the way up to his death, Ted Bundy claimed responsibility for over 100 murders in total. We might never really know how many victims suffered at Ted Bundy’s hand for sure.


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