13. Psychological Experts Agree That Ted Bundy Was The First Real “Psychopath”

Dr. Dorothy Otnow-Lewis, a psychiatric professor and foremost expert on mental disorders and violent behaviors, met with Ted Bundy and admits to having a hard time determining what exactly plagued him. At first, she determined that he suffered from bipolar disorder. However, upon later interactions with Ted Bundy, she veered away from her bipolar disorder diagnosis. She stated that despite Ted Bundy’s outward charm and appearance as a normal human being, he lacked any and all empathy for his victims. In fact, it was almost as if he had no personality at all, only the ability to show people what they wanted to see in order to get what he wanted from them.

Because he saw no use in admitting guilt or recognizing that what he did was wrong, Dr. Dorothy Otnow-Lewis suggested he could’ve suffered from Antisocial Personality Disorder, or ASPD. In ASPD cases, most individuals show lots of skill in manipulation while never recognizing the repercussions of their actions. Often times, people diagnosed with ASPD are described as sociopaths. Dr. Dorothy Otnow-Lewis has said, “I always tell my graduate students that if they can find me a real, true psychopath, I’ll buy them dinner because I never thought they existed… but I think Ted may have been one, a true psychopath, without any remorse or empathy at all.”


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