12. Ted Bundy Had The Ability To Change His Appearance

At the height of his murder spree, Ted Bundy had perfected the art of disguising himself and changing his appearance. It’s common knowledge that he’d utilize fake arm casts, canes, and crutches to lure his victims into his van. This was even a major point of reference in the movie Silence of the Lambs. However, often times Ted Bundy even needs props to withhold his true identity.

During his more successful escape in the winter of 1977, Ted Bundy simply threw on some old street clothes and was able to slip right out of prison. Again, during his time fleeing capture, his arresting officer didn’t recognize him, despite his face being plastered all over the nightly news and on countless most wanted posters. Psychologists who’ve studied Ted Bundy’s case theorize had perfected that he might’ve suffered from bipolar or dissociative identity disorder because of how easily he could change his attitude or appearance. According to one prison guard on Ted Bundy’s behavior, “He became weird on me. He did a metamorphosis, a body and facial change, and I felt there was almost an odor emitting from him.” The guard continued, “almost a complete change of personality… that was the day I was afraid of him.”


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