11. Ted Bundy Had Fans

Despite being the textbook definition of a psychopath, the poster-boy for American serial killers and, as described by crime experts, the very essence of “evil” itself, Ted Bundy has a dedicated public following. Much like later trials, such as Amanda Knox’s or O.J. Simpson’s, Ted Bundy’s was heavily televised and featured on nightly news and in printed publications regularly. He became a cultural icon both during his trials and after his execution.

A large chunk of the general public gather around their televisions at night and then around the water cooler the next morning to discuss the case. Pretty much everybody agreed that he was guilty of his crimes and should either be locked away for good or given the death penalty. However, Ted Bundy also received dozens of fan letters, especially from female fans. Most of them were charmed by his personality and good looks. While even most of the fans believed his guilt, there were still plenty that held out for his innocence and eventual release until the very end. Ted Bundy enjoyed fan mail and correspondence with several people until being put to death.


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