10. Stealing, Not Murder, Was His Original Motive

Crime experts and psychologists have long studied the case of Ted Bundy. During his trials, he was interviews hundreds of times and one of the several facts that can he agreed upon from his extensive interviews was that he was a true kleptomaniac. And his drive to steal was one of the key motivating factors for him committing such dark deplorable acts.

At first, Ted Bundy was only interested in stealing items like money, credit cards and other “souvenirs” off of his victims. His long time girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer even found a treasure trove of stolen goods from his victims and alerted the local authorities when he was first suspected of being involved in a number of murders. Killing, however, wasn’t his motivating factor. In fact, Ted Bundy admitted that “the big payoff for me was actually possessing whatever it was I had stolen. I really enjoyed having something… that I had wanted and gone out and taken.” At first, he only killed as a way of preventing victims from reporting his crimes. Later, however, murder became the ultimate act of theft because, in a way, Ted Bundy was stealing the most important thing from his victims, their will to live.


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