Paul Walker was in Atlanta shooting Furious 7 during November of 2013. He decided to take a break and fly back to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. He was dead two days later, burned to death in the wreck of a Porsche that had slammed into a pole and then burst into flames. On the surface, he was a happy guy. Very few actually saw his dark side, the side born of a troubled childhood, self-loathing and an increasingly bitter resentment of what he called “Hollywood Garbage.” Pushed into the modeling limelight as a toddler, Hollywood and fame never held much in the way of attractions for him. Ironically, on the day he died, he may well have been the happiest he’d been in a long time. He had his teenage daughter, Meadow, living with him. She gave him a sense of meaning he’d never had before. And on that fateful day, he’d attended a charity event held by his baby, Reach Out Worldwide. And when he and friend and business partner Roger Rodas, climbed into Rodas’ Porsche Carrera GT and drove away from the party, nobody expected what was coming next. In the wake of his death there were unholy battles over the custody of his daughter and his money. And in the background, there was talk of his taste in underage girls, an alcoholic baby mama and lots and lots of lawsuits. Here comes 15 things about his life and death Paul Walker wouldn’t want you to know.

1. The Dark Side

Everybody loved Paul Walker. But there was a dark side to the man his fans never saw. The told Indiewire that life was just too short and that he wanted all his celebrity status to just go away the year he died. He’d been pushed into show biz by his mother when he could barely walk. Had he had enough? Some say yes. And he once said he’d turned down Superman because he said he was a good guy with a bad side. Or a bad guy with a good side. He was never certain which. Oh, he could be very bad. We’ll get to a spot of homelessness and felony in a little. But one thing is for certain, Paul Walker’s good/bad guy was perfect for the role of the undercover cop in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Rumor had it that he carried a lot of baggage from a troubled childhood and was emotionally immature. Maybe that’s why when he was a big movie star, he had this tendency to go for underage girls. Shy, soft-spoken underage girls.


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