9. Jemeker Thompson

Coming from a very impoverished background, Jemeker “Queen Pin” Thompson was looking for a way to turn her crimes into big money so she could live without always fearing constant eviction. She met her husband, Anthony Mosley and the two of them had a son together. The dynamic duo began selling huge amounts of crack cocaine together, throughout the 1980s they were the biggest drug traffickers in Los Angeles.

They would soon learn the true cost of their criminal lifestyle when Mosley was shot and killed while cleaning his car one day. Although devastated by her husband’s death, Jemeker Thompson continued trafficking drugs and was bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. She soon partnered with a new dealer and continued her reign until her partner was eventually arrested.

She went on the run for five years until returning to Los Angeles to watch her son’s sixth grade graduation. During the ceremony, Jemeker was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in a maximum security prison. She released a memoir titled “Queen Pin: A Memoir,” which is based around her journey from crime to rehabilitation.


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