8. Raffaella D’Alterio

Raffaella D’Alterio was the Italian Godmother and was known as “The Big Kitten.” After her husband, Nicola Pianese was murdered, she took over as the new Camorra boss in Naples. Her and 65 other suspects were arrested while in Italy in 2012 during raids that were carried out by armed officers. Over $10 million worth of vehicles were seized by police from Raffaella D’Alterio, including a Ferrari with a solid gold license place.

The Godmother has never been one to shy away from violence, during a previous shootout she suffered three different gun shot wounds because of a rival gang that was jealous of her position in power. Over the past 30 years, it’s believed that the Camorra gang has partaken in more than 4,000 murders. The gang was estimated to be making over $200 billion a year. Raffaella D’Alterio’s charges included money laundering, fake money trafficking, possession of illegal arms, extortion and dealing drugs.


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