6. Maria Licciardi

Maria Licciardi was born on March 24, 1951. She was based out of Secondigliano, north Naples and was the former leader of the Licciardi clan. Before her arrest in 2001, she had been a crime boss for nearly eight years. When her husband and two brothers were arrested, she became the first ever crime boss for the Licciardi clan. Her gang gave her the title “The Godmother,” and they were responsible for the drug trafficking and extortion rackets that took place in north Naples.

Rosetta had never been involved in sex work before becoming the crime boss of the Licciardi clan. She introduced a new way for the clan to make money, her gang would purchase young girls, many of them underage for $2,000 each from the Albanian mafia. These girls were happy to escape poverty in their homeland and were promised work in another country. They were enslaved upon reaching north Naples, doped up and then forced into sex work. They were killed as soon as their services were no longer needed.

When a disagreement over heroin happened in 1999, her reign came to an end. When a fresh shipment of the drug came in, she believed it would kill the buyer because it was too pure. The Lo Russo clan, which was another gang, disregard these warnings and sold it anyways. This led to the deaths of 11 addicts. This also forced police to crackdown on any gang operating in the area because of the huge public outrage these deaths caused. It wouldn’t be until 2001 when Maria Licciardi was caught while on the run. She is still in prison today and many believe she still controls the clan from within her cell.


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