5. Rosetta Cutolo

Rosetta Cutolo was born in 1937 and was known for being the sister of the notorious crime boss Raffaele Cutolo, who was the former head of the Nuova Camorra Organizzata. She was the only person he trusted with instructions for the business during the time Raffaele was incarcerated and became the new leader. She never got too close to her brother because she felt he talked to the press too often, even having interviews from his cell.

Rosetta operated in a 16th-century palace known as Castello Mediceo. It had 365 rooms, tennis courts and a swimming pool. Her bad temper went spiraling out of control in the 1980s when she set out to have a local police station blown up. After this took place, Castello Mediceo was raided and Rosetta spent the next 10 years of her life on the run.

She was eventually arrested in 1993 when she gave herself up. Saying, “I am tired of being a fugitive.” Originally, Rosetta was sentenced to nine years. She pleaded she was innocent in the courtroom and her brother claimed that she knew nothing about any of his operations. The image of a helpless, old lady was successful and her sentence was brought down to five years. Rosetta Cutolo had been acquitted of nine murder charges.


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