3. Claudia Ochoa Felix

She is known as “The Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime” because of her image on social media, specifically Instagram. Numerous British tabloids reported that Claudia Ochoa Felix became the new leader of the Mexican gang Los Ántrax in 2014. They’ve been known to partake in hundreds of gruesome murders.

According to United States intelligence reports, this gang is “the world’s most powerful trafficking organization” and are made up of a gang of deadly hitmen. The last leader of the Los Ántrax, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga “El Chino” Gamboa was Felix’s boyfriend and after he was arrested she took over. El Chino was accused of the deaths of three men found four years ago hanging from a bridge.

Although, Claudia Ochoa Felix makes time and takes of her three children from previous relationships just like any other good mother would, there are very few moms that have custom AK-47s and unlimited funds at their disposal.


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