10. Anna Gristina

When Anna Gristina was arrested in September 2012, she made headlines all around the world when she was convicted as the leader behind a high-class sex trade ring. An undercover police officer set her up by posing as a client and hiring two prostitutes in July 2011. Anna Gristina was caught on hidden camera footage arranging two women to have sex in front of the officer while he watched at a brothel in New York. She claimed she was running a dating service during her trial, but as part of a plea deal she admitted to being an illegal madam later on.

She was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 5 years of probation. The court heard she earned an estimated $10 million following a five-year investigation. Her employees were Playboy and Penthouse models. “There is nothing glamorous about prostitution. Anna Gristina rented women’s bodies for profit, which makes her a pimp. That also makes her a felon, and the court now issued that judgement,” the Manhattan District Attorney, Eric Duggan said in a statement.


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